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Wanna join 666 Games?

If you want to join the 666 Games, email me! In the email, tell me your msn messenger acount (you have to have msn to join!). I will then reply you with programs that you will have to have!
Although i don't expect that you will have to work hard, so you won't have to do much things, but there are still things that i would need you to do as soon as possible!

Although you don't realy have to be some kinda programmer. I use the program that you don't need to be a expirienced man! I'm currently looking for a music picker. But if you wanna be something else, i'm sure we could find something as well! Just to let you know that, this isn't a job. It's like a clan when you play some first-person shooting game on internet multiplayer! Or like a modding team at So don't take this very seriosly!!!

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